Why are French Bulldogs so Expensive?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is A Bulldog So Expensive?

The primary being the fact that bulldogs are not easy to breed. It is rare to find a male that can naturally mount a female (due to body structure), and a female that can whelp her puppies without a c-section (due to big heads). What this means is there is several steps, and a lot of veterinary expense, and special paperwork, just to get your female pregnant. We have progestrone testing to see if the female is ready, semen extraction from the male, once she is ready, artificial or surgical implantation, and regular check ups and ultra sounds to make sure all is well. Providing all went well you still have the c-section, and the pup checks to make sure all are healthy, and there are none that need immediate veterinary attention. Now you get to take your sleepy mom and her new litter home. Where you get to play mom for the first 2 wks, as bulldogs have a tendency to non intentionally squash their babies. So for 2 wks you are up every two hours putting puppies in with mom so they can feed. You sit and watch while they feed, making sure that all is well, none are in danger, and they are all eating well, so you do not end up having to bottle feed. Hopefully your female has enough, and good milk or you end up feeding several puppies, or the whole litter. All this time and expense, and you may only have a litter of 2-4 puppies, or you can lose the whole litter and have to wait for your females next cycle to try all over again.

Sample Cost Sample Cost For One Litter Artificial insemination (Qty 3-5) $1000 - $1500
Progesterone test (Qty 1-2) $120 X-ray / Ultrasound (Qty 1-2) $ 150 C-section (price can vary depending on delivery time/day) $ 600 - $1500 Mom & puppy vet checks (this can vary depending on complications) $500 Any necessary medications for mom or babies $ ?? Welping box (can be reused however absolutely necessary to ensure that mom doesn't roll on the babies and cause harm or death. $300 each Heating pads & lamps (can be reused however are a must) $50 each Puppy play pens $ 70 each AKC or NKC litter registration $ Additional costs: Blankets/towels (lots of them) cleaning supplies (the cleaning never ends) Puppy shampoo, wipes, nail trimers Milk (If needed, $3.50 per quart - this is not cow's milk) Food (to get one litter to 8 weeks) $150 And after all of the financial costs, don't forget to factor in all of the time that is dedicated to our parents and babies. It takes a tremendous amount of time, patience, energy and love to raise a litter of Bulldog Puppies. 

Payment Options

Deposits & Puppies on Hold:

1. We ask for a $500.00 deposit per puppy. This is non-refundable! Sorry no refund on DEPOSITS! Deposits are partial payments toward the purchase price of your puppy/dog that you have placed on HOLD (this has kept anyone else from getting this puppy for their family). If you put money on a puppy and afterwards change your mind, you have thus forfeited that money.

2. Puppies can only be picked up when weaned and paid in full, Sorry no exceptions! 

3. We accept Venmo, Paypal, Western Union, Money Grams, bank transfers, credit or debit cards, cashier checks, money orders, and personal checks. (note: personal checks and certified checks have to have time to clear the bank, before you can pick up your puppy or puppy will be shipped. NSF checks are charged $50.00 plus any and all charges to me from this transaction problem...) 

4. Puppies are normally ready to leave for there new homes between 10-12 weeks of age, depending on the puppy. If you can't have your puppy paid for in that length of time, please make arrangements with us about this. I'm sure we can work something out to help. Puppies are ready to learn and need socialization with their NEW families. 

Health Guarantee

1. We believe this puppy to be in good health and sound at the time of sale, we also have had the puppy checked by a certified licensed veterinarian prior to shipping and include a Health Certificate with your puppy that certifies that the Bulldog described herein has had a health check. Also your puppy has been immunized with his or her first full set of medical inoculations since birth. A shot record is also included with your puppy.

2. For your guarantee to become affected, all buyer(s) 
must have 
their puppy examined within 48 hours after receiving their puppy. This can only be done by a certified licensed veterinarian. Failure to do so voids the Health Guarantee. If the veterinarian finds that said puppy not to be in good general health as outlined in the guarantee and states so, IN WRITING detailing the findings, including clinic address, phone numbers and license numbers. Buyer(s) must notify the Seller immediately! Within 72 hours of puppy purchase. This is so if there is a problem, we can check the health of the other puppies as soon as possible. We then reserve the right to have the dog re-examined by our own veterinarian. If the diagnosis is confirmed by our veterinarian, we will resume the possession, if Buyer(s) so chooses credit towards another dog, we do not give refunds.

3. All our puppies are veterinarian checked by a certified licensed vet, prior to being sent to their new homes.  

4. We will send with your puppy a "Health Record" (folder/booklet or puppy passport) with information detailing the medical treatment your puppy has received since he/she has been born, with dewormers, medicines and inoculations that have been given to him/her..

5. We do guarantee your puppy to be free from any significant serious life-threatening or congenital diseases (i.e. heart murmurs & cancer) for up to six months after birth,to the original purchaser of said puppy (not transferred). If any such condition is found and proven in writing from a licensed veterinarian and substantiated by lab test and/or x-rays, confirmed by our veterinarian, puppy must then be returned to us for credit towards another puppy, the puppy in question will have to be returned within a 72 hours at buyers expense. I will not take responsibility for your vet bills, yearly shots, wormer, food, toys or boarding for your puppy/dog during the time you had the puppy. NOTE: Minor, breed related, treatable or correctable conditions, any condition that may go away, or a condition which puppy will likely out grow, are NOT covered. Covered heart murmurs & cancer. Buyer is responsible for all vet bills incurred with said puppy along with transportation cost for its delivery & return. 

a. We will provide the original purchaser of said puppy in case of death with a replacement puppy (when one is available). According that all of the above has been met. NO Exceptions! If you pass on available puppies you will have 90 days to pick an available puppy or forfeit any claim to another puppy.

b. If purchaser chooses to accept a replacement puppy, the deceased puppy will need to be brought to the vet for an autopsy. I will need all information, x-rays and/or laboratory test from the certified licensed veterinarian. This is sole responsibility of the Buyer(s) to have this done within a very reasonable time frame. I do understand if something like this were to happen it will be very hard on the owner of the puppy, it would be better to let the vet do as much as possible and talk with us and our vet. We will work with your vet in any and all circumstances.

c. Any and all veterinarian expenses incurred by the Buyer(s) for any reason will
be our responsibility, including the vet bills of said puppy if shipped back. 

d. If there is ever a puppy that needs to be returned to us it must be returned in sound condition other than the specified problem from the veterinarian, which would be the sole reason for returning said puppy. Also this puppy will have to be returned with all AKC papers, health records, and any other documentation. Termination of guarantee regardless: if Said puppy has been bred, neutered, spayed or have any signs of abuse what so ever. Also all of the puppy's vaccinations, heartworm preventive, and worming records from a licensed veterinarian must be up to date, no exceptions! 

Bulldog Puppy Deposit